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Our Services:

MKF Technologies Inc. pride ourselves in providing the highest quality trace metals analytical services in the most AFFORDABLE and SPEEDY manner. We support an array of matrices including ground water, drinking water, semiconductor, mining, environmental, and power to better aid in human health, quick decision-making, and staying within established regulations such as from the EPA.

Why choose us:


Our patented trace metals instrumentation and approved EPA method provide results usually within 10% of true value  


Lab results are performed and completed within 1-2 days from receipt of the sample. Most labs charge an expedition fee for such a quick turnaround.


Due to the low operational and maintenance cost of our instrumentation, we provide rates under typical labs using ICP-MS and AA furnaces


Our instrumentation are calibrated to make 2 analysis per sample to eliminate outliers and errors in sample prep and measurements

Metals for Analysis

Arsenic PT.png
Lead Pt.png
Zinc PT.png
Copper PT.png
Mercury PT.png
Cadmium PT.png
Selenium PT.png
We discovered MKF Technologies Inc. when our local labs were taking too long to provide results. These guys get you fast, accurate results and respond quickly if there is anything we need. Its been a pleasure working with them over the last 8 years and we will continue to do so for all our trace metals analysis. 

Waste Engineering Manager, S.E.S.M.I. Semiconductor, OR

We have been using MKF Technologies Inc. for many years and they have always given us what we need and more. We test several ground water sources for arsenic, lead, and copper and MKF Technologies Inc. has always provided great analysis and prices lower than any laboratories I've worked with


WTP Chief Operator, New Jersey County Municipal Water Utilities, NJ

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