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MKF Technologies Inc. was established with 4 primary focuses: 

      Reliability  🔴  Turnaround   🔴  Affordability   🔴  Accuracy    

Some of the biggest complaints clients have is that a typical trace metals analysis has a turnaround as long as 5-10 business days. And despite a costly analytical fee per sample, an exorbitant increase in expedition fee is added to expedite the process.  


At MKF Technologies Inc., we’re passionate about providing a speedy turnaround of any sample analysis without sacrificing quality in precision and reliability. We do not charge any expedite fees because all of our analysis is typically completed with results sent to our clients within 1-2 business days as a standard service. 

We are able keep our fees and turnaround nominal by utilizing our EPA approved method for trace metals analysis that does not require the highly costly and time consuming Ion Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) or Atomic Absorption Spectcrometry (AA) that most laboratories use. 

It is our mission to support and aid our clients to our fullest ability and pride ourselves in creating lasting relationships where both parties contribute and evolve to meet any trace metals analytical needs. 

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